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About Our Collection

This online collection of digitized newspapers combines the content of the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection (CHNC) and the Wyoming Newspapers collection for simple one-stop searching.

Colorado and Wyoming have a long history of making their historic newspapers freely available to the world. The Plains to Peaks Historic Newspapers is a joint endeavor between the Colorado State Library, the Wyoming State Library, and the University of Wyoming to bring together Colorado and Wyoming historic newspapers.

Together, these collections currently include 1000+ newspapers published in Colorado and Wyoming from 1849 to 2021. These newspapers cover all counties in both states and include papers published in English, German, Italian, Japanese, Slavic, Spanish, Serbian, and Swedish, equalling over 6.5 million digitized newspaper pages - a number that keeps growing!

Historians, genealogists, students, and scholars will find a wealth of first-hand accounts of local news from days gone by. The Plains to Peaks Historic Newspapers uses Veridian Software, which was designed specifically for providing access to digitized newspapers and allows users to “clip,” save, and print articles for research done with ease.

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